The Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium (BoSS) was conceived after the events at Chek Jawa as a way to draw the community of researchers, educators, managers and conservationists together. First held in 2003, the BOSS has since taken place every four years, and this year, our full-day symposium will take place on 1 Aug 2015 at NUS UTown Auditorium 2.

This year, our theme of the symposium is “What’s Next?” alluding to the changing Biodiversity and Conservation landscape of Singapore. This year’s team hopes to bring to you new findings in our biodiversity, encourage continuation in existing projects, and more importantly, to encourage youths to play greater role in protecting the biodiversity and environment in Singapore!

Presentations will be organized into four broad categories — Human-Ecosystem Conflict, Connecting with nature, Ecosystem and species studies, and youth-for-youth efforts in the biodiversity scene. 

BoSS IV is proudly brought to you by a fresh faced team to feature the work of youth. We hope this will encourage more active participation by youths in the future by giving a glimpse of what the biodiversity community is doing.


Coordinators & Advisors
Mr. N Sivasothi (Scientific Programme & Publicity)
Dr. Joelle Lai (Volunteers, Logistics, Catering & Publicity)
Prof Rudolf Meier (Advisor)

Lynn Ng Lin Yu (Toddycats SG50 Intern)

A Sankar (Toddycats SG50 Intern)

Youth Volunteers:

Programme & Invitations
Amanda Lek

Audrey Lee
Beatriz Fernandez
Delaney Eng
Delicia Cheong
Jharyathri Thiagarajah
Joys Tan
Law Ing Sind
Lee Juin Bin
Samuel Chan
Sarah Wee
Serin Subaraj
Sumita Thiagarajan
Tan Hui Zhen
Tay Yi Ling
Publicity & Webpage
Esther Lim
Gwendolyn Chow
Pearlynn Sim
Rebecca Lee

Logistics & Catering
Cheok Zi Yu
Cherry Goh
Erin Tan Hie
Joleen Chan

Katie Tan

Lim Zong Xian
Lynette Ying

For queries, feel free to contact: otterman@sivasothi.com

Past Symposia

BoSS, 11 Jul 2003 – “What’s Up?”
The first symposium or BoSS was a two-day session organised in 2003 by N. Sivasothi, NUS (Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research/Department of Biological Sciences) and volunteers from RMBR and DBS . Held at NUS LT25, it was supported by Nature’s Niche and the Singapore Institute of Biology.

Amidst heightened temperature screenings due to SARS, the symposium was opened by the Minister of State for National Development, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan who officially announced the formation of NParks’ National Biodiversity Centre (NBC). The Chek Jawa Guidebook was launched and a symposium awards was presented to Lady McNeice for her contributions supporting to nature and the environment over the years. Additionally Ria Tan and Chua Ee Kiam were conferred the first Honorary Museum Associate titles by RMBR.

Plenary speakers and Sessions Chairs were identified from government agencies, NGOs, the volunteer community and the universities and some 30 speakers presented in four sessions on research, conservation, management and education over two days.

The event was extremely successful and it was hoped that the symposium become a series.

“…in helping out as a photographer in Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium in 2003 … I was really amazed, and inspired, by the huge assemblage of locals and foreigners who are passionate about nature in Singapore. I felt then I could help and maybe contribute my bit as well.”

Lim Cheng Puay

See Biodiversity Symposium of Singapore 2003 remembered“.

BoSS2, 22 May 2007

In 2007, a half-day session was co-organised by N. Sivasothi, NUS (RMBR/Dept. Biological Sciences) and the National Biodiversity Centre. Held at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Professor Tommy Koh did the honours of opening the session.

The occasion also celebrated the Tercentenary of the birth of the father of taxonomy, Carolus Linnaeus and the Swedish Ambassador to Singapore, Mr. Pär Ahlberger, graced the occasion. The symposium also marked The International Day for Biological Diversity and the The Natural Heritage of Singapore textbook was launched.

See the report at Raffles Museum News.

BoSS3, 24 Sep 2011 – “The Next Generation”

NUS’ Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research at the Department of Biological Sciences (RMBR) collaboratied with NParks’ National Biodiversity Centre (NBC) to organise the symposium. Young members of the community in various sectors were featured, hence the theme – “The Next Generation”. In addition to the youth (under 35) speakers, a few seasoned members of the community chipped in.

The talks were organised around ecosystems – forests, freshwater and inter-tidal/marine. The single day session informed students and members of the public about the community’s activities and provide a platform for the community to meet and get updated.

We hoped to inspire young minds to participate in biodiversity exploration in in their future.

The Organising Committee consisted of:

  • Coordinator: N. Sivasothi, NUS (DBS/RMBR)
  • Dy Coordinators: Linda Goh, NParks (NBC) & Lim Wei Ling, NParks (NBC)
  • Posters – Jeremy Woon, NParks (NBC) & Zeehan Jaafar, NUS (DBS/RMBR)
  • Logistics & Volunteers – Joelle Lai, NUS (RMBR/DBS)
  • Admin – Xu Weiting, NUS (DBS)
  • Registration – Sarah Ng, NUS (RMBR/DBS) & Sumathi Krisinasamy, NParks
  • Webpage & Photos – Kenneth Pinto NUS (Raffles Museum Toddycats)
  • Symposium Poster – Yong An Nee, NUS (DBS)
  • Symposium Awards – Airani S., NUS (Raffles Museum Toddycats)

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