Poster Titles

Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium IV
Poster titles (26)
Affiliations are NUS unless indicated otherwise.

Eco-Literacy & Impact

  1. Nature is good for kids: A literature review. Vilma D’ROZARIO, Susanna HO & Arlene BASTION (NIE/NTU & MOE)
  2. Community in Nature for schools: encouraging our young to act for biodiversity. WOO Pui Min Henrietta (NParks)
  3. The diversity, spatiality, and legality of human-ecosystem conflict in Singapore, and the study of encroachment on prohibited nature areas. LEE Lijin Audrey & N. Sivasothi
  4. The type and status of human-macaque (Macaca fascicularis) interactions at MacRitchie Reservoir Park and strategies to manage conflict. LAI Chui Ting & N. Sivasothi
  5. Marine trash in Sungei Mandai Kechil mangrove: abundance, composition and distribution. CHEONG Ka Min Delicia, Jose Christopher E. MENDOZA & N. Sivasothi

Marine Environment

  1. The aerial plants of mangrove forests: The unappreciated botanical partners that have important functional roles. WONG Wei San, SHEUE Chiou-Rong & Jean YONG (SUTD, NCHU)
  2. Diet of the mangrove horseshoe crab, Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda (Latreille, 1802) in the tidal streams and mudflat of Mandai Kechil. Leng Jun Mun Germaine & N. Sivasothi
  3. Singapore’s seawalls: biodiversity and public perception. Hazel PEH Huiqi & Peter TODD
  4. Giant clams as potential counteractors of eutrophication and associated algal blooms. ANG Chiam Foong Ambert, Peter Alan TODD, ZHAO Wan Ting & NEO Mei Lin

Freshwater Environment

  1. Distribution and characterization of coastal streams on mainland Singapore. ZHANG Yuchen & N. Sivasothi
  2. Diet of Cichlasoma urophthalmum, an established non-native fish in Singapore. Jeffrey KWIK, Darren YEO, TAN Heok Hui, LOW Bi Wei, LIEW Jia Huan & CHEN Ming Li
  3. Invasive species risk assessment for non-native freshwater fishes in Singapore. Joleen CHAN, Darren YEO & ZENG Yiwen
  4. Investigating Singapore’s native and introduced freshwater biodiversity. KWANG Yee Wen Yvonne & Darren YEO

Terrestrial Environment: Plants & Invertebrates

  1. A survey of macrofungi in Singapore. Siti Maimon Hussin & Amy CHOONG
  2. The autecology of Caryota mitis in Singapore. Randolph QUEK & N. Sivasothi
  3. A baseline study on the haemoparasites of reticulated pythons (Malayopython reticulatus) in Singapore. LIN Shuyan & Jose Christopher E. MENDOZA
  4. Assassin bugs: biodiversity, phylogenetics and diet.YEO Huiqing, Rudolf MEIER & HWANG Wei Song
  5. Orthoptera in Singapore: diversity, new species and predation. TAN Ming Kai, Rudolf MEIER & HWANG Wei Song

Terrestrial Environment: Birds & Mammals

  1. A baseline population study of the Asian koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus) in Singapore, and perceptions towards the species. POON Shi Yi Edrea & Frank RHEINDT
  2. Population genomics of the Javan myna (Acridotheres javanicus) in Singapore. LOW Weijie, Kritika GARG, Per ERICSON, Martin IRESTEDT, Gabriel & Frank RHEINDT
  3. Reproductive behavior of mynas in Singapore – recent changes in response to urbanization. LEE Jia Wei & Frank RHEINDT
  4. Genetic diversity of a tropical rainforest understory bird in an urban fragmented landscape. Keren R. SADANANDAN & Frank RHEINDT
  5. Northern boobook (Ninox japonica) in Singapore. Keren R. SADANANDAN, TAN Jian Xiong David, Philip D. ROUND & Frank RHEINDT
  6. Differential distribution of ground-dwelling small mammals across old and young secondary forests and scrublands in Singapore. TAN Yi Ting Chloe, Erica Sena NEVES Ian MENDENHALL & N. Sivasothi.
  7. The distribution, microhabitat use and activity pattern of the slender squirrel (Sundasciurus tenuis) and sympatric species in forests of Singapore. NG Xin Yi Iris & N. Sivasothi
  8. Ranging behaviour of the Hindhede Macaca fascicularis (Raffles, 1821) troop, during the closure of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore. Joys TAN, Amy KLEGARTH, Crystal RILEY & N. Sivasothi.

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